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Do you ever feel like your home is full-to-bursting with toys that you don’t want and didn’t ask for? 

The children in the 100 Toys house are 6, 5, 4, and 2 times old. That’s 17 Christmasses and 17 birthdays in aggregate. Gifts from parents, grandparents, uncles, and aunts, plus grazing paddings. It’s not unusual for a child’s Christmas haul to come to at least 10 presents. (17 17) x 10 = 340 

 Now add in gifts throughout the time- commodities from the gallery shop, a toy to keep them enthralled on a flight, commodities at Easter, and at Halloween. That’s all before they start the academy and have parties to which the whole class is invited and you can nicely anticipate admitting 30 presents for one child in a single day. 

Choose smaller, better toys-Grimm’s colored house 

Children need Smaller toys 

When I launched the website my original idea for The 100 was to produce a list of 100 essential toys for every under-five, but seeing it written down it felt too pushy, too focused on 

Consumption. One hundred toys? From birth to five? 

 It was more in keeping with our morality to make the 100 about conditioning and guests. There are smaller than ten toys on the list. 

 But now I’m reconsidering the idea because it no longer seems so preposterous. Choose simpler toys-Grimm’s large rainbow 

Indeed 100 is an outrageous number 

You don’t have to look far on the blog to see that I suppose that children can thrive with far smaller than one hundred toys. In fact, it’s good for them. Blocks, numbers, fabric, many everyday ménage objects, some art accouterments, and access to out-of-door space. That’s it. 


So why am I creating a list like this? 

Because people are going to buy your children toys anyway. Kindly cousins will happily ignore your requests to give them tickets to a show or a castle rather. Musketeers don’t want to arrive empty-handed at the party. People want to put commodities under the tree. 


 Still, what I’ve planted in the workshop is to politely give them a list of toys that you’re OK with and, more importantly, If your family are like this (and mine is). 

Toys are going to arrive in your house whether you like them or not. You might as well try to ensure that what your child receives is going to challenge and absorb them, not just regale them for half an hour before it goes in the bag for that furtive trip to the charity shop. 


Not all children like all toys – Toys Buying Guides

 You can get times of play value out of a toy kitchen or doll’s house. Indeed babies who can’t yet stand unaided will pull themselves up and enjoy a rudimentary interpretation of this kind of play. 

But the use of the doll’s house is divided along gender lines in the 100 Toys house. The girls are happy to sit there for hours, setting the table and partake the numbers into bed; the boys use it for target practice. 

 The boys do love small world play, it’s just that they’d rather make a castle or recreate battles from the Hundred Times War. And that’s OK.  In this case, the important thing is that the doll’s house provides them all with openings for imaginative play. The environment is inapplicable. This is why The 100 list exists-to show you the kinds of conditioning that you could and should offer. 

Choose simple, open-concluded toys – Toys Buying Guides

A path from birth to five in toys 

So then it is the list of one hundred toys for the first five times. 

Still, you’ve covered a lot of the bases, developmentally, If you get all of these. The gaps are filled in by all that time you spend outside, going to galleries, reading stories, and singing nursery rhymes 

Take this list with a pinch of the swab. None of it’s truly necessary. I’m not saying you should buy it all, simply that if you’re going to buy a commodity, this list is a good place to start. The toys are, for the utmost part, open-concluded and all are age-applicable. 

Toys for baby Toys Buying Guides  

New babies have a lot to learn. Where do one object end and another begin? What are those accessories sticking out of my body and what do they do? How do I repeat that chinking sound? It was delightful! 

Toys for 6 months 

 The first set of blocks 

 Shuddery palace 

Mystifications indirect cut mystifications( easiest), four-way rotational harmony, three-way, one-way ( hardest, suitable from 10-12 months)

Shape genre creatures 

Toys for 1 year


 Peg people and other numbers 

 Decibel (or make a discovery bottle) 

Conical palace 

Toys for 2 year

Doll’s house and people 




Soft toy 

Pail and spade 

Ball track 

 2- piece mystifications 

 Nested and mounding toys 

 Sorting boxes and coliseums 

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