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Archery Set Bow and Arrow Toy Series for Children Pink


  • 1 x Archery Bow
  • 3 x Archery Arrow
  • Durable ABS plastic
  • Age 3 years and above
  • Soft shooting power

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→ This bow and arrow is designed as a toy with soft shooting power, is it safe to play around indoor and outdoor. → → Arrows comes with suckers which are safer for children and ideal for sticking to window and other flat surfaces. → → Made with a durable ABS plastic, able to withstand multiple hours of use without breaking.
→ Great beginner archery bow to start practice shooting. Package Content 1 x Archery Bow, 3 x Archery Arrow.
→ Easy to wear quiver with strap to hold arrows. kids archery set!
→ Your kids can play in indoor or outdoor. It improve kids’ hand/eye coordination and development of intelligence. → They will enjoy the happy shooting playtime anywhere.
→ Archery set is made of high quality non-toxic ABS material, smooth surface.
→ Perfectly safe suction arrows for kids. Please help update their title name and bullet features. Archery Set Bow
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