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Junior Golf Caddy Set With Balls Clubs And Trolley


  • Color : various, Randomly
  • Includes 3 golf balls
  • 1 practice hole
  • 1 flag and
  • 3 clubs
  • Recommended Age: Age 3+

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→ Childrens Junior Golf Caddy Set Childrens Toy Plastic Golf Cart Set Size approx. 60cm x 14cm Colour various, randomly sent Toy golf trolley on wheels with attached handle Includes 4 golf balls, 2 practise holes, 2 flags and 3 clubs All accessories fit neatly onto trolley Hours of fun for the budding golfer! Age 3+
→ Lovely model plan and appearance. Appropriate as a vacation present for kids.
→ Uniquely intended for kids more than 3 years of age to play and shock your children.
→ Plastic materials are made to guarantee the toughness and wellbeing of kids’ games.
→ The body is durable, solid and scraped area safe.
→ The edges are smooth and won’t hurt kids’ hands.
→ Work on your youngster’s creative mind and inventiveness.
→ Carry bliss to youngsters and assist them with growing up better in youth. Children Junior Golf Caddy

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