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Traverse Crab Off Road Car With Light & Music


  • Material: Plastic
  • Speed: 25km/h
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Age: 5+ Years


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→ Double control modes: Remote control and watch controller enlistment to control the contorting climbing vehicle.
→ Can make the turning vehicle quick test; Long-distance remote control, remote control vehicle is available to you.
→ Upgrade lighting music in all angles cool and cool Stunt Off Road Car
→ Modes: forward & backward swing/left and right slant/left and right side shift/360 revolution.
→ The watch goes all over to make the vehicle change into two states (When the hand is raised, the wound car can be transformed into a rough terrain state; and when the hand is brought down to make the twisted vehicle into a games vehicle state.). Stunt Off Road Car
→ This RC stunt vehicle toy including watch and signal controller, 2.4G controller innovation. Change your motion, and unreservedly consolidate forward, in reverse, left/right turn, flip drive and high frame.
→ Simply change your motion or a single tick on the change button on the far off regulator, the hustling vehicle toys vehicle will change into a rough terrain vehicle from a level shape.
→ Give you the reasonable hustling and rough terrain game insight
→ This trick vehicle has an interesting twofold sided roll plan, quick parallel development or in situ turn.
→ 4 wheels drive and changeable body makes the vehicle more adaptable and give solid force to continue on any territory effectively and steadily – Stunt Off Road Car

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