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V15 Metal BB Bullet Gun And Airsoft Gun For Kids


Condition: New: A brand-new, unused, unopened and undamaged item.
Brand: SDMAX

Model: V15 Brown.
Age Level: 18 Years & Up

Material: Metal

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V15 Metal BB Bullet Gun:

  • Full size 1:1 scale replica model
  • UK legal black & two tone colours
  • Metal top slide & lower body
  • Magazine durable ABS resin
  • Realistic heavy weight feel
  • Custom top slide with barrel vent- metal bb bullet gun
  • Tactical style trigger
  • Spring operated repeater firing mechanism
  • Inexpensive to operate & easy to maintain, no gas or batteries required
  • Slide top to reload/fire
  • Range: 30 metres
  • Magazine: 11 x 6mm BB rounds
  • Weight 370g
  • Front blade & rear notch sights
  • Textured hand grip with flared mag well
  • Model number: V15

Product Description:

Metal v15 bb gun is manufactured in metal bb bullet gun using the UK legal black and two tone colours which have been carefully balanced in colour, so the custom metal top slide is two tone and the main metal body remains black. The V15 has an ergo friendly design which is suitable for both left and right handed users. The metal top slide and body on the V15 pistol gives the gun increased sturdiness and a weight of 370g, which also provides the user with a realistic feel to the gun. The V15 has a spring air repeater firing action, slide top to reload, and features a front blade and rear notch sights. The V15 has an approx. range of 30-40 metres.


This is not a toy! Not for persons under the age of 18!
Energy of this item: maximum 0.49 joule.
Read the warning carefully before using the metal bb bullet gun.
Never aim or shoot at persons or animals.
Don’t leave the gun unattended.
Don’t leave the gun within reach of children.
Remove the magazine and lock the metal bb gun barrel when not using the gun.
Only shoot in a correct position.
Only use spcial monition supplied with this item.
The use of safety glasses is recommended.
The importer will not be responsible for jamming of the cartridge or any problem caused by crude pellets.
The importer will not be responsible for any misuse or remodeling of this item.
Attention! Due to possible liklihood of confusion don’t bear and use the gun in the public.
Please retain information on this package for future reference.

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Dimensions18 × 18 cm


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