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Pack Of 4 Household Flea Spray For Pet Beds & Soft Furnishing


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PestShield Household Flea Spray 200ml Pack Of 4

Ideal For Pet Beds And Soft Furnishings

Use On: Dog Beds, Hutches, Kennels & Carpets.

1) Shake well before use.

2) For direct knockdown, spray directly at insect for 2-3 seconds from 60-90cm away.

For Room Treatment:
1) Close all windows and doors.

2) Spray in all directions for 5-10 seconds for an average sized room (30m³).

3) Keep room close and do not enter for 10 minutes.

200ml Flea Spray. This is a Pestshield product. Ideal for Pest Control in the house or garden

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