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Pistol Gun Battery Operated Toy For Kids With Flashing Light Toy Gift


  • Plastic Toy Gun
  • Light And Sound Effect
  • Nice smooth crafted finish
  • Battery Operated (Not Included)
  • Come In Box Packing


→ Kids Battery Operated Plastic Toy Gun With Light And Sound Effect
→ Feels very comfortable on the hand. Nice smooth crafted finish.
→ Kids have great fun with this Toy pistol.
→ Let your child’s imagination run wild!
→ It is made from quality plastic to ensure durability over time. Great Gift for Kids.
→ Kids can role play with this great looking toy gun.
→ Battery Operated (Not Included)
→ Please Note It Does Not Come In Box Packing
Your little one’s fertile mind is brewing up fascinating ideas each day, so these toy guns for kids will surely feed their creativity. Let kids come up with interesting new scenarios where they can put these pretend play guns into good use as they explore their imagination with their friends. Pistol Gun Battery Operated
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