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Twist & Turn Hoops Indoor Outdoor Children Hopscotch Excercise Fitness Game


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Grafix Twist & Turn Hoops Game

A new take on the timeless game of Hopscotch

Ideal for keeping younger children fit active and exercising!

Easy game to play with many many combinations of play, Children can set up the course of hoops however they like and then play by the ryules and instructions supplied.

Spin the spinner, jump, crouch or clap through the coloured hoops. You can play first to complete wins or play by using a timer.

This set comes with 10 multi-coloured rings and easy snap connectors that can be set up in a variety of configurations.

Let your child use their imagination to invent new ways to play.

Great indoor or outdoor game.

Easily clips together.

Contents: 10 x coloured hoops, 10 x connectors, 1 x spinner, instructions.

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