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Dream Castle Learning 58pcs Building Blocks For Kids With Cartoon Figures


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58 Pieces Dream Castle Building Blocks

The Building Block Is Made Up Of High Quality Plastic. It Is Very Easy To Make With Its Interlocking Feature. This Toy Is Non Toxic. Building Block Toy Strengthens Child’s Fingers & Hands And It Improves Eye-Hand Coordination. It Encourages Child To Make Friends & Cooperate By Making Different Shape Which Improves Interaction And Imagination. It Also Improves Creativity By Making Their Own Designs With Blocks. It Also Develops Intellectual Capacity Of The Child By Improving Mathematics Skills And Geometry Skills. What Else You Are Thinking! Use your imagination to build your happy home, make your child more creative and constructive, children have lively imagination but sometimes they need fresh ideas to spark them off. Happy home offers tremendous possibilities for a child to develop his skill, broaden his imagination and to use intelligence creatively.

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