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Best Toys For Children By Age – Best Toys For Kids 2021

Children love imitation. And imitation is achieved only when there is full attention. When your kid makes something with a Lego toy or throws it at you Did you notice his attentive gaze when he grabbed the given ball; In fact Not just toys for kids or toys, but individual toys It can be said.

In today’s discussion, we will discuss the age group of children apart from toys The toy is fun for the kids, which toy is different for the kids Helps to understand their social and mental skills, and brain Assists in development; I will know about those too.

How Do Children Up To 1-Year Play?

Playing in the first year after the birth of a child is basically a matter of exploration or experimentation. Kids learn about the world around them Uses the senses and the senses; Is the object soft or hard? Glue Or rough? What would it do if I dropped it? What if I put it in my mouth? So most of the children’s games are about “tasting” or the object It is related to putting on a face, shaking, throwing, or throwing.

His speed skills become more integrated and complex as his game progresses

Development occurs. E.g.

A four-month-old baby reaches for the Noggin Stik type toys and grabs them by the fist Starts. After six or seven months, babies can move the toy from one hand to the other. During a period of nine months, or the pincer grasp, Learn to grab small toys. During this time, the game is not only his own activity but that of other children With one-on-one activities at the end of the year Starting from the direction. Visit our shop to buy toys at cheap rate.


Right now, you are your child’s favorite playmate. Playing and interacting with you gives your child language, about social relationships and causes and consequences. It will help to learn. Once children begin to understand what is in the environment Relationships and how they taste, smell, feel, and sound, kids then They gradually learn to understand when they are fully prepared for the next stage of development. How things work.

Smart Toys For Children Up To 1 Year

Nursing Mobile (Hanging Toy Special) – The baby’s head while lying down Hangs on top that constantly sway the baby’s eyesight and attention Attitudes develop.


In general, your child faces and reflects on himself in the mirror Anyone will be surprised to see the expression. Over time, understand your child The lolly, smiling child is actually a reflection of himself. Once that happens, kids will become quite aware of themselves, which is what they do. They will develop more self-searching so that they can climb on their own. Learn about and find out where they are.

Ring Stacking Ring Stack – This Is One Of Them

A toy in which rings of different colors and sizes fit into a stand Is to keep according. First, the kids are more likely to grab the rings and put them in their mouths and get pleasure. Later, when they have mastered their muscular skills, they use the rings Learn to keep the size of the inside of the stand. Even kids color with these toys And learn about numbers when you put the rings on the stand Keep counting and say the name of the color. Take a look at SdMAX Fun toys .

Push-Pull Toys (special push-pull cars) 

your little ones. This toy is her balance when she starts to learn to walk and get out of bed. It will play a more effective role in muscle conduction. The more children play with this toy, the faster their muscles will grow. They will continue to be ready for the race. Next, when the baby is on the walk Once they learn, they will be able to control their speed using them.

How 1 To 3 Year Old Childs Play

The children quickly became aware of the functionality of the toys. Lego Collecting blocks together, mumbling toy phone ears, or Big kids like to drink water in cups. The game of imitation begins from now on. Your child may go to bed at night with their baby doll Or he can make a squeaking noise with his mouth while driving a toy train. This is how your child learns to understand that every object has a purpose. Yes, and that’s basically the premise of pre-school.

Also, your child now has a variety of shapes and colors of different objects. So, the toys in her hand have to be bright, colorful, and Delightful. By the age of two, most children learn to kick the ball, the color pencil Draw scribbles with, and build Lego buildings with four or more blocks Learn. And at the age of three, he can match small puzzles and three wheels Can hit pedals on a bicycle. Seeing the repetition of the same thing, the little man learns to understand and know that He has control over at least a few things in the world around him.