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Baby Doll Stroller Wholesale And Buggy Pushchair Set For Girls


  • Doll Gender: Girl Doll
  • Material: Plastic & Cloth
  • Type: Pram


  1. Kind of baby doll stroller wholesale : Pram. Baby doll stroller wholesale is also an attractive toy.
  2. The infant girl in particular will enjoy this doll stroller toy.
  3. This baby doll stroller toy can use between the ages of 2 and 5.
  4. This toy made from the best non-toxic, durable, eco-friendly, and kid-friendly materials available.
  5. This toy is fascinating, funny, fun, and attractive.
  6. This toy made with a unique design that is user-friendly and long-lasting.
  7. This toy is attractive and reasonably priced.

Baby Doll Stroller Toy, Pushchair Set Girls Toy, regarded as a very popular and enjoyable toy for young girls. Wherever your young one goes, they may bring their baby doll along in Molly Dolly’s lovely Hearts Buggy. The first 30cm poseable doll with Molly Dolly, who is very lovely and adorable for youngsters, included in this toy package. It’s Molly Dolly. The carriage has the appearance of a standard pushchair. Features a textured seat for your children to hold their doll in and a strong metal lid. The toy’s handle measures 46 centimeters in length. Children between the ages of 2 and 5 are the perfect fit for this car.

Toy Baby Doll Stroller The first doll, Molly Dolly, is dressed in a really adorable pink romper suit. A matching headgear also included with this doll. The head, limbs, and legs of this Molly Dolly doll can all move into various poses. For further pretend play, this baby doll stroller also comes with a sham. Then the fact that this toy constructed of linen and plastic makes it easy for kids to carry. Then they can also easily transport this toy by hand from one location to another. Its plastic construction means that it has a very low chance of breaking if it drops from the hand. Then this baby doll stroller toy is ideal as a present for a variety of birthday celebrations, Christmas, or Halloween events.

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